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Guidelines for Jordan Lake School of the Arts and Creative Center’s Inclusive Arts Workshop

This describes the purpose of the Jordan Lake School of the Arts and Creative Center’s grant making program, eligibility criteria, and the procedures to follow in submitting your proposal. Please review these guidelines carefully and submit your proposal in the requested format.

The Grant Program

Inclusive Educational Arts Workshop

The purpose of our Inclusive Educational Arts Workshop is to build and sustain strong community connections and create artistic opportunities in North Carolina inclusive to those on the autism spectrum. Our grant supports local artists in developing educational arts based workshops that utilize the best teaching practices for those on the autism spectrum and help to create community-based connectivity that expands students’ roles as community participants with the capacity to link students and artists to a range of arts and educational based practices and opportunities.

We fund projects that:

Use the arts as a tool for self-expression and personal development.

Identify and create strategies for motivating and educating students with autism in the arts.

Develop new sources for exhibition and community recognition of students’ work.

Enhance the capacity of the school community to provide innovative and creative program opportunities.


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Guidelines for JLSA & Creative Center Arts Grant